Spring Update By Backpack Buddies

By FlowMotion Entertainment May 02, 2017

Spring Update By Backpack Buddies

Spring is more like a state of mind than an actual season in Vancouver, and it doesn't feel like we're quite there yet. But despite the wet and snowy start to the year, Backpack Buddies has been blooming since January 1st!

We're excited to announce that we now work with 30 schools in Metro Vancouver. Our primary area of expansion has been in Surrey, with the addition of two new donor schools and three new recipient schools.

One of the primary reasons we have been able to expand to this extent is due to the fact that we have gained a second delivery van. Now that we have more than one, we can officially call it a fleet! This has made it possible for us to grow into Surrey and beyond. Thank you to ReMax for continuing to support our growth, and for purchasing our new wheels.

We're also thrilled to announce that Backpack Buddies has been selected as the Whisky Wisemen charity of choice for 2017. Whisky Wisemen Society is a not-for-profit organization started in Vancouver, founded on a love of whisky and the desire to share that with a like-minded community once a month. Through their monthly events, the Whiskey Wisemen will be donating a portion of all proceeds to Backpack Buddies!

We'd like to take this opportunity to turn attention to a company we have been working with for a few years, Flowmotion Entertainment. They are a Vancouver-based mobile games studio with a passion for creating vibrant and engaging games. Founders Ryan and Dario have been major supporters of Backpack Buddies, providing us not only with monetary support via in-app purchases, but also offering us their time and insight into how to grow a strong and successful organization. Thank you, Ryan and Dario!!