Kitchen Craze : Master Chef
Are you ready for the ultimate cooking challenge?

Kitchen Craze - Master Chef is a deliciously fun combination of incredible food and frantic time management! Prepare yourself for all the fast-paced fun a kitchen can handle!

With so many Master Chef titles to choose from, it’s difficult to find a game that provides a challenge for superstar chefs. But if you feel you’re a true cooking master, then Kitchen Craze - Master Chef will serve up the excitement you’ve been looking for!

This fast-paced restaurant kitchen game places players in control of multiple restaurants as the difficulty increases. The first few levels may appear easy, but don’t worry – before long you’ll be savoring the scramble as you rush to keep your guests happy and fed.

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What’s Special
You Can Cook Your Way to Super Chef Glory
  • Vivid graphics and funky, hilarious characters
  • Frantic cooking enabled by tapping rather than dragging
  • Unlock exciting restaurants and enticing recipes

Master chefs, are you ready for your most frantic kitchen scramble yet? Start playing now to test yourself with a true cooking challenge!.

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Preview your new addiction!

Kitchen Craze - Master Chef is Flowmotion’s most feverish cooking game yet. You take on the role of a superstar chef hired to grow one restaurant into a delicious empire! You’ll need your best tapping skills and maximum efficiency in order to keep your customers happy through breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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Version 2.0 Kitchen Craze: Master Chef

Do you want to own a donut shop and cook yummy donuts? Kitchen Craze - Master Chef is a Delicious fun new cooking game to get better at managing time for super chefs! Get READY for some high-octane cooking fun!

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