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Dive into the world of vivid graphics and crazy-zany customers that will ensure that you have the hyper dose of stimulating cooking lessons. As you sharpen your cooking skill, you will also upgrade various dimensions of your restaurant. You will be on a journey of the super star chef as you go on serving discerning, demanding customers. Banish the boredom with these most addictive mobile games now!

There are around 70 challenging levels to compete as you go about testing your time-management and cooking skills. You will be exploring a variety of cooking techniques from grilling to baking. What’s more? There will be zillions of exotic flavors, recipes and ingredients master that will bring out the true chef in you! You will also be in-charge of your restaurant. You can buy different upgrades to enhance the decor and menu of your restaurant. In no time you will be glued to these food making addictive games!

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Best of all!!! You will be able to instantly Share your scores as well as your cooking tales on Facebook. You will be creating a new wave of excitement even on social media.

Be happy and have fun with the food making games from our mobile game studio!